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The astrophysics minicourse is a pass-fail course that takes place twice a week for one semester starting in the fall of 2019. The course is taught by rising senior Tovi Sonnenberg.

Astrophysics is the science of the universe and all it contains. The course will cover everything from the solar system to the big bang. You will learn about the universe’s most awe-inspiring phenomenon such as black holes, supernovae, antimatter, and extraterrestrial life. You will learn the science behind stars, planets, exoplanets, and galaxies. We will also discuss the frontiers of science and profound questions such as the fate of our universe. The class will be structured in such a way that students will be able to ask away any questions they have about their universe. This is a chance for you to gain knowledge about the most exciting field of science that the Riverdale science curriculum does not cover. This is also a unique opportunity because you have the ability to take 6 classes without losing all your free time. There is no homework or tests. No prior knowledge is required; anyone can take it. This class is not a math class or a physics class, it is a class for students who seek to better understand their universe.

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